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by | Apr 14, 2020 | Plumbing

For most people, a plumbing problem in the home involves a blocked drain line. Everybody has encountered this kind of difficulty at one time or another. There isn’t a homeowner or apartment resident that hasn’t had to use the plunger to unblock a toilet or a plastic zip strip to dig hair out of the drain. Maybe occasionally it’s been necessary to call in a plumber to clear the blockage. But some problems involve a far more serious plumbing failure, such as a cracked or broken sewer pipe.

Sewer Pipes Corrode

Cast iron pipes suffer from cumulative corrosion damage until the metal is almost eaten away with rust. Clay pipes become brittle, especially if the initial installation was improperly executed. And PVC or ABS plastic piping may be subject to cracking if excessively hot water drains through it, exceeding the maximum temperature rating limit of the material. Of course, pipes can also be infiltrated and broken by tree roots growing into them.

A Broken Sewer Line is More than an Inconvenience

Waste from a broken underground pipe can back up into the house, contaminate the yard, or allow water to flow until it saturates the ground, which might contribute to later structural damage of the foundation. The waste itself presents a biohazard and an immediate threat to health. So when confronted with a damaged or broken underground pipe, plumbing contractors specializing in sewer line repair in Marietta, Georgia have one of several options for dealing with the situation. If the pipe is merely cracked but has not suffered complete failure, it is possible to save the existing piping by a thorough cleaning followed by the installation of an internal “sleeve” liner to reinforce the existing pipe. And if the pipe has broken or collapsed, a new pipe may be pulled through the old one and coupled onto an undamaged segment. And in the worst case, a complete replacement may be necessary. There are methods to extract the old broken line and install new piping without having to dig a trench onto the property. This not only saves on cost compared to digging, but also avoids the necessity of tearing up the yard to make the repair.

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