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Do You Need to Replace Your Sump Pump in Elmhurst?

by | Nov 21, 2012 | All Service Plumbing

If you have a basement in your property that keeps flooding, it is likely that you will need to get a replacement sump pump in Elmhurst. A sump pump in Elmhurst is vital for preventing floods and if yours is coming to the end of its life, you need to take action quickly before water damage affects the foundation of your home. Despite this, some problems are easily fixable so before you contact a local plumber to install a new sump pump in Elmhurst, here are some tips to help you diagnose a serious issue.


A common problem with a sump pump in Elmhurst will be a frozen sump pump drainage pipe. This will normally happen to people who have cold winters because when the exterior drainage pipe is exposed to cold temperatures, the entire pump may freeze over. A plumber can help you with this by installing a fixture that transports water around the frozen pipe.


If you notice loud noises coming from your sump pump in Elmhurst, it is highly likely that water hammering is occurring. Water hammering is the term used to describe a noise problem and despite the fact that loud noises do not normally indicate a serious problem, it is still worth getting the pump checked.


For the water in a sump pump to travel properly, the screen should be free of debris. If you notice a plugged screen upon inspecting the sump pump in Elmhurst, there is a high chance that your basement will flood very soon. In this case, contact a plumber who can either clean the screen or install a brand new sump pump.


Nothing is more frustrating than switching your sump pump on, only to find that the next time you check it, it is off. This problem is often referred to as a switching problem and there are many explanations for this complication. It is possible that the sump pump in Elmhurst was not fitted properly and the pump could be pressing against a wall or surface, causing the switch to turn off. Alternatively, there may be debris buildup or the basin may need adjusting.


A final sign that you need to replace your sump pump in Elmhurst will be if the electrical circuit breaker is tripping. The larger your home, the more appliances you may have and this will result in high energy usage. High energy usage may cause the system to overload and when numerous appliances are connected to a single circuit, the electrical circuit breaker will probably trip. To prevent this problem, use just one circuit for the sump pump and make sure that circuit is shielded by a ground fault interrupter.


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