Different Types of Water Heaters Serviced By Atlanta Water Heater Services

by | Oct 18, 2013 | All Service Plumbing

A water heater should be serviced at least once a year despite the brand of heater. Any maintenance needed can be performed at home without having to remove the heater, and usually takes two hours or less unless there is an issue with the heater. Hiring reputable a company specializing in Atlanta water heater services to perform these tests and/or repairs is very important. You should choose someone one who has a history of great customer service and delivering high quality work.

Instantaneous gas heaters are heaters that work only when water is to be used. The system works by opening one of the water bath keys, allowing hot water to pass through a diaphragm. It pushes a needle that raises the diaphragm and, in turn, releases the gas burner allowing the pilot to be turned on. Everything happens within a fraction of a second. Upon closing, the key instantly stops the water passing through the heater and the diaphragm cuts off the gas supply to the burner. Therefore, it is considered that a gas heater saves hot water without having to heat the entire water tank with several liters.

Automatic water heaters work with a different water storage capacity and have a thermostat that controls the hot water heater through a heating rod. This rod is inside the tank and, when the water is heated to a certain temperature, the rod signals the thermostat and it cuts off the gas. In order to have hot water, one will have to wait for the tank to fill up with water, unlike instantaneous gas heaters. Atlanta water heater services can repair these types of heaters as well.

Tank water heaters (also known as canisters), are heaters that have several cells that retain heat, which is more intense. They are equipped with burners and several jets as the size of the heater pattern is important, making it a faster option for heating hot water. The recovery is almost instant and one of the advantages of these heaters is that they require no water pressurization system.

Hiring companies who specialize in Atlanta water heater services can be very beneficial to you and your home or business if you choose wisely. Make a short list of two or three contractors and see how much their services are, keeping in mind their work history and customer service. With these things in mind, you should be able to make a sound choice.

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