How to Hire the Right Plumber for a Bathroom Remodel

by | Apr 4, 2013 | All Service Plumbing

A major bathroom remodel requires either a contractor who specializes in electrical, plumbing, and basic contracting work or individual contractors for each type of work. Some contractors are adept at handling all forms of contracting work, but in most cases it’s best to work with a plumber. Torrance homeowners who want to give their bathrooms a major overhaul should research local plumbers and find one that specializes in remodel plumbing projects.

Create an Outline of Your Idea

Before you hire a plumber it’s a good idea to create an outline of the desired end product. You could take a few pictures of your current bathroom, and then draw a rough draft of what you’d like to change. This will help you explain in better detail the type of work you need.

Remember that some plumbing companies specialize in repairs and upgrades, while others focus more on home remodels and new construction. You want to find a plumber in Torrance that feels confident they can perform the work that gets you the end result you want.

Call and Speak to Local Plumbers

Once you know the work entailed, it’s time to interview plumbers. It’s best to start calling around and setting up appointments with at least three plumbing contractors. The plumber will need to see the bathroom and discuss the project with you. Get a quote on price and an estimated time line for finishing the project.

If a plumber has a portfolio to show you other remodels they’ve worked on, that’s always a great way to judge the competence and professionalism of a prospective Plumbers in Torrance can do amazing things. Although most people picture clogged toilets and drain pipes when they hear the word plumber, most plumbing contractors are adept at remodeling an entire bathroom from simple to stellar in just a few weeks.

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