Preparing for Emergency Plumbing in West Chester, PA

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Plumbing

When it rains, it pours, a saying goes, and that seems to apply to the plumbing emergencies that can arise in one’s home. Leaks are very common problems, and can range from small toilet leaks to gushing water from burst pipes. When you have a large leak, it may make you incredibly anxious, and for good reason. Water can do significant damage to a home and wet conditions are a source for the growth of mold. As such, you need a contractor for Plumbing in West Chester, PA. While waiting for the plumber, you need to stay calm and take steps to minimize any possible damage due to leaking or burst pipes.

It is imperative to stop the water leak. You should be aware of the location of turn-off valves for plumbing fixtures and the main house valve. If worse comes to worse, the water can be turned off at the water meter, but this often requires the use of a special “key” that can be purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores. If it is impossible to cut off the water supply, try to use buckets or other containers to capture the water. Keep the affected areas as dry as possible. However, if it is near an electrical source, stay away and do not attempt any measures. Be sure to warn the plumber when he/she arrives as well.

When choosing a repair service for your emergency, it’s actually best to have one in mind beforehand if that is at all possible. This will prevent calling the first available contractor that you see in the phone book. You’ll want a service that is available at any time, without extra charge. In addition, the company should be upfront about its pricing. In this manner, you won’t be taken advantage of financially after the repair has been completed.

The plumber should be courteous and friendly upon arrival. It’s best to explain the situation, and he or she should be attentive to what you say. A contract needs to be signed that will explain exactly what work will be completed. Once the work has been completed, all efforts will be made to clean the area up.

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