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5 Reasons to Call a Plumber Today

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Plumbing

A problem with your plumbing system might seem like an easy problem to fix. With all the DIY tutorials out there, though, you might think you can tackle the project yourself. But the issue could be more severe to the point that it could lead to a ton of problems. Hire pros instead. If any of the following problems happen, call for a pro to prevent further damage to your property.

No Water

You might have leaks or problems with your pipes. Call for professional plumbing services in Phoenix, AZ right away to resolve the issue. The sooner qualified help arrives, the less likely it is for the leak to generate a huge water bill for you.

No Hot Water

If you love taking hour-long showers, then you probably know that the hot water won’t be back for a while. But if that takes hours to warm up, then that’s too slow. Call a problem to check what the problem is, so you’ll always have enough hot water.

Sweating Water Heater

If the water heater is sweating, that could mean that you have a leak. Check the area around the heater. Is the ground a little damp? Small leaks lead to bigger ones. If there’s a large pool of water nearby, that could be enough proof that there’s a slow but steady leak.

Rust and Other Signs

Aside from a sweating heater, be on the lookout for other danger signs, too. Are there any spots of rust on your heater? What about the surrounding pipe, though?

Low Water Pressure

Poor water pressure is an annoying issue. Let a pro handle this task. If you try to use chemicals to get rid of the blockage that could be causing the poor water flow, it could damage your pipes instead if you’re not careful.

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