What does a furnace engineer do?

by | Apr 19, 2013 | Emergency Plumber

A furnace engineer watches over the function, the repair and the overall productivity of a large industrial furnace. These large furnaces are commonly found in large manufacturing plants, they usually are gas fired and they are used as an integral part of the product production. If furnace repair in Chicago is called for, it will be the engineer who makes the call. When the furnace is working well, it is constantly regulated for maximum efficiency and safety.

The furnace engineer monitors the interior temperature which must remain in a narrow zone for both the process and safety. The engineer and the furnace operator work hand in hand to maintain the required heat so that the temperature remains constant, which is the optimum level of efficiency.
The operator may be the person who advises the furnace engineer that furnace repair Chicago is necessary. These huge furnaces require a number of skilled technicians to perform the required work. In some cases, especially in facilities with multiple furnaces, there will be a staff of qualified repair people. In other cases, professional repair personnel are brought in from outside companies that perform furnace repair in Chicago.

Large industrial furnaces work at very high temperatures and are found in such diverse industries as glass manufacture, steel and aluminum foundries and even commercial bakeries. The temperatures of the furnace are maintained by keeping a watchful eye on various probes and sensors that are strategically placed within the furnace. These sensors and probes require constant attention and calibration. The temperature, either with one furnace or a group of identical furnaces must be kept very accurate so the resulting products are all identical and of the same quality.

As the furnace ages, periodic rebuilding is required. The furnace engineer works closely with the repair team in evaluating the condition of the furnace and what work needs to be done on it. In many cases the furnace needs to be relined with brick which is a costly and time consuming undertaking. Once the furnace engineer knows exactly what has to be done, he will solicit proposals from a number of companies who undertakes furnace repair in Chicago. In many cases the reputation of the repair company is more important than the cost of making the repairs. As the work progresses, the furnace engineer supervises the process and attends to any problems that arise. The team doing the repair and rebuilding report directly to the engineer, and go to him for any guidance needed.

As many international companies have manufacturing plants in various countries, the furnace engineer will often be called upon to go to other plants to oversee furnace repairs, new furnace installations of periodic rebuilds.

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