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by | May 26, 2020 | Emergency Plumber

The need for a plumber covers a variety of problems from simple leaks to serious drain clogs, but sometimes you may need the plumber for other tasks such as a remodeled bath or kitchen. These two latter jobs are often expensive undertakings and may only be possible with the help of affordable plumbing in Smyrna, TN. Remodeling a bath, for example, may require removing an old tub and replacing it with a shower system. It may also include removing old sinks and plumbing in new ones. This work could be extensive if it involves the addition of new pipes or the replacement of older pipe such as iron or outdated PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

Perhaps the most important use of affordable plumbing Smyrna, TN is the removal of clogs from the drain system. A clog can occur in several places. The most common clog in sinks and tubs are those that collect in the pipe traps. These traps were originally designed to keep sewer gas out of the homes. They are the U or S shaped pieces of pipe just past the drain and they are designed to hold just enough water to keep the gas out. Unfortunately, this method also catches debris such as hair or food which clogs the system. It is generally easy to fix if you have a little bit of plumbing experience, but it is also easy to damage the pipe if you don’t know how the repair is done.

Tougher clog repairs occur when the clog is further down the pipes. A clog in the sewer lines typically requires special tools. In most instances the plumber will use a video snake to inspect the pipes and a rooter system to remove the clog. To access the system they will either use a built in sewer access which is a Y shaped fitting with a cap on one side or they will need to remove the toilet. This gives them easy access to insert the rooter and plenty of room to operate the line in case the clog is very large. If you find your home or business has plumbing needs then be sure to Contact Holt Plumbing Company LLC for more information.

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