Sump Pump Services Can Assist In Keeping A Home From Flooding

by | May 29, 2020 | Plumbing

Some houses are built with an external drainage system on the outside of a foundation. In homes where the lay of the land is flat or the water tables are high, a home will be equipped with a sump pump. The purposes of the drains and a sump pump are to remove the ground water away from the foundation of a home. If the water doesn’t drain from a foundation, it can create cracking and the foundation wall will deteriorate and could bow. This could affect the stability of a home. When a sump pump stops working, it’s important to have Sump Pump Services in Deerfield performed as quickly as possible. A non-working sump pump could lead to flooding in the basement and severe water damage.

When the land is very flat where a home is, there is no way to drain the water away from the home. Rain water will still enter the ground and needs to be removed from around the foundation. A sump pump is placed in the bottom of a pit which is specially designed with inlet tubes and is considered a submersible pump. The location of the sump pump will be at the lowest spot in a crawl space or basement. A perimeter drainage system is installed which leads to the pit. The drainage system consists of perforated drainpipes, and the water enters the perforations. The water will channel its way to the pit and be pumped out of the pit by the sump pump.

This type of drainage system must be installed by an experienced technician that is trained in Sump Pump Services. The sump pump is triggered by a float switch that will activate the pump whenever the water level in the pit gets to a certain level. The water will be pumped to a storm drain or drainage ditch outside of the home. New homes can be equipped with sump pumps. If an older home’s French drains have stopped working or there is a flooding issue, this type of system can also be installed to eliminate the problem. For more information visit BMW Plumbing, Inc.

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