Replace Your Sink with a Stylish Apron Kitchen Sink

by | Dec 27, 2013 | Plumbing

If the current sink in your kitchen is too small, consider installing an apron kitchen sink. This type of sink is originally known as a farmhouse sink, but has been renamed to reflect the exposed front that tends to jut past cabinetry.  Apron kitchen sinks are deeper and give the overall feel of a country-style kitchen. This rustic look is a trend in most new homes being built today.

Size and Style

While most apron kitchen sinks are a single configuration, they are also made with double bowls. The type of material used to make this type of sink ranges from all kinds of metal to white porcelain. The options are endless when trying to find the perfect double bowl kitchen sink to match current or brand new cabinetry. An apron sink is normally integrated with pieces of furniture that are used to replace old-fashioned cabinetry. This creates a custom look for any kitchen coupled with other accessories.

Form and Function

Since an apron sink does not have a deck with holes in the back of it for a faucet, it sits flush against the back of cabinetry. Thus the cabinetry it sits even against needs to have adequate room for a faucet. While this may sound like a problem, it actually creates a situation that enables any type of faucet to be installed. It also allows kitchen accessories to be matched better to conform to the color scheme of a kitchen.

Different Types of Apron Sinks

  • Fireclay Sinks
  • Copper Sinks
  • Single Bowl Apron Sinks
  • Double Bowl Apron Sinks
  • Triple Bowl Apron Sinks

Home Installation Projects

A kitchen sink is one of the most used utilities in a home. This is why it is an important decision when considering whether to have a new sink installed by professionals or not. Installing an apron sink is a challenge that is not impossible, however. When purchasing an apron sink be sure to invest in high quality sinks that do not tarnish and will not chip over a long period of time. A sink of merit tends to be useful for many years before it needs to be replaced. Apron sinks stand the test of time, giving homes a durable product that stands apart from others.

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