Installing New Toilets In Rockville is Just Part of the Bathroom Transformation You’ve Dreamed Of

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Plumbing

Bathroom remodeling can add tremendously to the resale value of a home. Of course, it also adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the homeowners whether they intend to sell or not. A homeowner may do cosmetic touch-ups, such as new paint, but transforming a boring, cramped, out-of-date bathroom into a stylish, more functional and beautiful bath starts with professional design experience.

Whether the bathroom is large or small, the designer will first consider water lines, plumbing drains and vent stacks. The most cost-effective layout usually has the toilet, sink and shower lined up on one wall. However, this can be boring. An experienced plumber will be able to change this, allowing for a larger bathtub or shower or a double sink instead of the original single. Moving and changing existing plumbing is expensive, so it’s important to work with an experienced designer, preventing costly mistakes. When replacing a sink, it is critical to remember who will be using the sink. In a master bath, will double sinks be a time-saver in the morning or consume space better used for storage? If children will be using a sink, integral back splashes are practical.

Bathtubs grab attention when one enters the bath. They can appear old-fashioned, with claw-and-ball feet or be contemporary, stylish and sleek. They can sit on a furniture-like ‘box’; some prefer a whirlpool while others just want to soak. Replacing previously inadequate lighting can do wonders. A spa shower with multiple shower heads and body sprays might be the luxury that has always been dreamed of. Frame-less glass doors can be the perfect finishing touch, highlighting the magnificent shower. Custom-designed and -built cabinetry adds the storage that has been needed and missing.

Acker and Sons Inc. are well known for the high quality bathroom remodeling services they have been providing throughout Maryland, D.C. and Virginia since 1961. Their professional designer has been creating fabulous, functional bathrooms for area residents for over 25 years. Their craftsmen bring their passion for excellence to each job, using their experience and high quality workmanship. This company also offers an extensive array of plumbing services; their professional technicians arrive on time with fully stocked trucks for each installation or repair. Whether someone is remodeling their entire bath or installing new Toilets In Rockville, Acker and Sons will do the job right.


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