Repairing A Drain Is A Filthy Job, But Somebody Has To Do It

by | Oct 4, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Anything to do with drains, repair or cleaning, is bound to be a filthy job. Drain repair in Northbrook IL is something that takes skills and tools that not everyone possesses. If it’s a simple job, perhaps the drain has come loose from the sink or the drain is clogged, most homeowners can deal with it themselves. There are commercial drain cleaners available; it is the real tough jobs that take the skills of a pro.

Drain cleaning is a common repair request:

If it is only a single sink or shower drain that is clogged the first choice is usually a commercial drain cleaner. Often these clogs are caused by an accumulation of hair, soap scum or, if the kitchen; an accumulation of grease. Clogs of this nature are always quite close to the drain opening and chemical cleaners, a plunger or hand auger often are all that is needed to clear the clog.

Is one method better than another?

* Chemical drain cleaners are of little value when the clog is a considerable distance from the outlet, such as in the main sewer line. There are often issues with compatibility between the materials used in the plumbing system and the chemicals in the cleaner.

* A hand auger is a reasonable approach, they are not expensive and they are reusable. Although it may have a reach of 25 feet, the drain diameter is limited and there is a tendency for the auger to scratch the surfaces if ceramic fixtures.

What if these remedies don’t work?

The answer is simple, call for professionals who do drain cleaning and drain repair in Northbrook IL. These pros have the right tools, they usually employ electric augers that have a hook device on the business end; they are rotated by an electric motor. Although they work somewhat like a hand auger, a powered auger can bore through a clog far better and they can get at a clog that is a considerable distance away.

If you have a problem with a drain and commercial products don’t have any effect then you must call professionals that do drain repair in Northbrook IL.

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