Reasons for Septic Tank Cleaning in Apopka FL

by | Feb 6, 2013 | All Service Plumbing

Your septic tank serves as your own personal wastewater management system. Since you’re not connected to any sort of main water system, you’ve obviously got to have a way to deal with waste materials effectively. Cleaning your septic tank periodically can be quite beneficial, not to mention can help to spot potential problems and stop them before they develop further. In order to get this cleaning work done, you can either do it yourself (yuck!) or hire a professional service to do so.

The first step that will be taken will be to ensure that there are no foreign objects inside your septic tank that shouldn’t be there. Things like grease or feminine products do not belong there, just as you would not dispose of them this way were you on a traditional sewer line. Your professional cleaning service will remove such items and then probably lecture you about not doing it again.

A large part of septic tank cleaning involves pumping out the material once the tank becomes close to being full. This is not to say that this is the only time you should have any s ort of maintenance performed on your tank, but it is crucial in that you don’t want it to eventually overflow and create an awful mess all over your property. At the same time, the tank, once emptied, can be inspected for any damages or leaks. If any are discovered, it may be time to consider having your tank replaced. Repairs may be possible, depending on what the issues are, but you may also be taking a chance by doing so, in that any repair work done may fail.

If it’s not time for your tank to be pumped, there are other methods of cleaning that are possible. A professional cleaner can use specially designed chemicals that work to remove any sort of build up from the sides of your septic tank, while not causing harm to the tank itself. Such chemicals should also be environmentally friendly, considering that in liquid form they will be released back in to the ground. If chemical means are introduced, be sure to have your cleaner also add back in agents that will stimulate the proper bacteria to begin to thrive again, as your septic tank relies almost solely on this to break down waste materials properly.

Another cleaning method that can be done is to have your professional cleaner use a high pressure hose to rinse down the interior walls of the tank once it has been pumped out. This will help remove any grime or other materials left behind, and help maintain a healthier environment for your tank overall. Remember to always keep the care of your septic tank in mind, and give it a good cleaning periodically so it will serve you well for years to come.

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