Black Sludge: Call Plumbing Services near Pittsburgh, PA

by | May 31, 2018 | Plumbing

A simple clog in the toilet is often resolved with a few quick plunges. However, when black sludge starts coming up from the drains, potentially in both the sink and the tub, homeowners generally have a messier, potentially more serious situation on their hands. Professionals at can help to diagnose the cause of the problem and repair it.

Understand Black Sludge

Individuals who have had black sludge rise up from their plumbing know what it looks like, and those individuals who haven’t are certain to recognize it immediately. This goop is often a combination of substances. It may, for example, include bacteria from hair and soap that has become trapped in the home’s plumbing system. Recognizing the health concerns associated with bacteria should inspire homeowners to call for Plumbing Services Near Pittsburgh PA.

Watch for at-home Solutions

One minor instance of black sludge may not be cause for concern, and homeowners may quickly wipe it away with cleaning solutions. However, when the problem repeatedly occurs, at-home solutions are clearly not working. Also, some individuals will use powerful chemicals to clean the drains that are actually dangerous to their health as well. People with children and pets should take particular caution when using such chemicals.

Addressing the Cause

Another reason to call for Plumbing Services Near Pittsburgh PA involves addressing the cause of the problem. Black sludge could appear merely due to a build-up of substances, but it could also indicate a more serious issue with the plumbing system in the house. Some homeowners may learn that they need to replace pipes, which is not a do-it-yourself job.

Learning Preventative Measures

Regardless of the cause, homeowners generally want to prevent this substance from appearing in their homes again. Hiring a professional to do the cleaning can teach people what they can do to keep their drains clearer. Also, even if the problem is not currently very bad, they can learn what signs will indicate that the situation is growing more serious.

Seeing black sludge in the sink is a rather unpleasant experience. It doesn’t always have to mean major trouble though. Consulting with plumbers helps to determine the cause and the plan of action.

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