A Quick Comparison of Water Heaters

by | May 9, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

There are a couple of different types of water heaters, and each serve the function of heating water. However, some of them are more appropriate for certain applications. Typically, the systems break down into tank and tankless heaters. A tank heater is one that involves a large tank full of water that is heated by electricity or gas, which is the most common type of water heater. There are also tankless heaters.

A tankless heater is one that allows water to pass through it and heats the water as it passes. It does not store a large amount of water, which means that it might take a little bit longer to heat up a tankless heater. Here are the pros and cons for both options.

Tank Heaters

Tank water heaters, which are the most common kind of water heaters, are great since they keep a reservoir of heated water. However, that water has to be heated nonstop. If you are not using that amount of water daily, you are paying for utilities to heat up water that you’re not using. You’re keeping it heated constantly when you might not need to.

The professionals at a place like Business Name. can let you know if you’re getting the best use out of your heater. Tankless water heaters are less common since they’re not considered to be as efficient.

Tankless Heater

A tankless heater is one that allows water to pass through and heats the water as it goes. So when you turn the faucet to “hot” and water starts flowing, it will pass through that heater. It will take a little while for the heater to reach the appropriate temperature, which happens to be the most common complaint with a tankless system.

If you live somewhere where you don’t use very much hot water, a tankless system is likely your best option. If you use hot water daily, then you probably need a tank. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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