The Pesky Clog in the Drain

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Plumbing

When you own a home or even when you rent a home, you will probably encounter problems with plumbing at some point in that time period. You may not have a major problem but most people have learned how to unclog a drain in order to allow the sink to drain. If you perform regular drain cleaning in Lakewood, there are many drain problems you can avoid and keep to a minimum. As with any other area in your home, drains are part of the structural integrity of the property, and if they are not maintained properly, the results will be far more costly than a bottle of drain cleaner.


Most people will try a drain cleaning product from their local store when a drain is clogged. This can remedy many of the simple drain clogs. Or, if that won’t work, you may try to dismantle the pipes and see if you can diagnose where the clog may be. This can be a good idea if you know something went down the drain that shouldn’t have and is clogging the drain. If you still can’t find the clog, you may need to call for a professional drain cleaning in Lakewood. Not only will a professional be able to fix any problem with your drain but they can keep smaller problems from building up to be more expensive ones.


You may have the misconception that anything go or fit down the drain. This is simply not the case. Too many times, a homeowner or guest will try to put something down the drain that will not fit and the clog can happen. In order to get the drain unclogged, the pipes will need to be taken apart or a device called a “snake” will be utilized to dislodge the object. Once the object is dislodged, the drain cleaning in Lakewood can be started. The cleaning will help break down any build up within the pipes. Over the years, a kind of sludge can build up inside the pipes so that anything and everything begins to get stuck and the drains start to empty more slowly. When you begin to notice this type of problem, it would be a wise idea to have the drains cleaned so that no large buildup occurs and you have a larger problem.



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