Proper Drain Cleaning Tools Available In Scottsdale, AZ Based Departmental Stores

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A clogged or pungent smelling drain is one the most frustrating plumbing emergencies occurring frequently at homes and businesses. No matter how careful you are while draining objects, the pipes are likely to get jammed sooner or later. If you come across such issues on regular basis, it would be better if you employ a permanent cleaning staff or get familiar with the principles of drain cleaning to accomplish this task on your own.


Additionally, you need to choose the appropriate set tools in order to resolve these issues. All the necessary tools are provided by drain cleaning suppliers in Scottsdale, AZ. With the use of correct equipment, you can easily restore the normal functioning of the pipelines. This article covers information of sewer cleaning and use of tools for performing this task.


About Sewer Cleaning


The concept of indoor plumbing and cleaning dates back to the 1500 BC in Greece. King Minos of Crete ordered to construct a drainage system that involved the flow of high pressure incoming rain water into the pipes to flush away waste waters present in the royal toilets.


This invention was followed by the designing of indoor toilet and sewer line developed by Sir John Harrington of England in 1594. Since then, indoor drainage systems continued to develop and this concept gave birth to the present day complicated network of interconnected pipes, drains and sewer holes.


Tools Used For Drain Cleaning In Scottsdale, AZ


– Rooter: It functions on the same principles as that of an auger and is used for cleaning waste materials present inside the pipe. It is used for large sized drains since it possesses a thick cable, large tip and works on electricity.


– Basic Plunger: It is known for its characteristic shape that traps air and emits it forcefully throughout the length of the pipes to create vacuum on the inner side of the pipes or to dislodge internal blockages. A rapidly moving plunger can easily eliminate small size particles trapped inside.


– Zip-It: It is used for eradicating tiny and fine products like hair locks and tree roots. It is a plastic made, flexible and thin stick with sticky barbs on its end that attract fine particles. It is handy, affordable and comes in different sizes.


– Snake Pipes: Also known as toilet augers or closet augers, these pipes are used for cleaning indoor washrooms. They have a wired rope covered with a spring and a coiled tail. When the device is pushed in and out inside a pipe repeatedly, it pushes out the clog and forces it out the clean-put plug present somewhere near the exit of the drain pipe.


Nowadays, fuel or electricity powered snake pipes are also available to clean a bigger pipe by applying more thrust.


– Hose: A hose produces a high pressure jet of water which is forced from one end of the pipe. All the loose or clogged solid waste materials get washed out under the pressure of incoming water.


If you don’t wish to purchase individual tools, you can rent them from a second hand store or a nearby drain cleaning agency in Scottsdale, AZ.



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