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Parts to Maintain in the HVAC System in Huntsville AL

by | May 21, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Home maintenance is a part of keeping your home functioning at its best. While there is the more obvious maintenance such as repairing holes in the wall, there is also some hidden maintenance that most homeowners completely forget about in Huntsville AL. But this maintenance is important in ensuring that your home stays at a comfortable temperature during all times of the year.

The HVAC Huntsville AL system is what many homeowners forget. Unfortunately, it is also the system that needs the most maintenance. It has the most working parts. Part of keeping that energy efficiency up is ensuring that its many parts are serviced.

One maintenance item you can do yourself is to change the filters. Filters should be changed fairly often. They can be changed more frequently if you experience high pollen counts or a dust storm. Clogged filters are often a reason your heating and cooling system is working harder than it needs to be.

Maintenance on the furnace is especially important before the winter months. The furnace has likely been quite idle during that time. This can cause problems right when you want to start it up. It is also a safety factor as clogged exhaust lines can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide. You should have this system maintained before you crank it up in the winter.

You should also have your air conditioning unit maintained before you turn it on for the summer. It has been sitting idle out in the elements. It may need new coolant or the weather could have caused a pipe to leak. It is important to find and fix these problems before the unit burns itself out.

The HVAC Huntsville AL duct system can also benefit from regular cleaning. Dust and dirt can build up which reduces your flow of air. This makes everything work harder to maintain the thermostat temperature. The harder work often results in a shorter life span and a need to replace costly items sooner.

There are many items in the HVAC system that need maintenance. It is important not to ignore these items if you want a comfortable home. Contact Dean Plumbing Co Inc to know more about our services.

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