Make Sure Your Heater in Norristown PA Keeps You Warm All Winter Long

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

A heater in Norristown PA is usually a trouble free device which for the homeowner, is reasonably easy to maintain. To maintain this efficiency does require good maintenance however. The type of heater you have is of little consequence and with a few tips on home service and maintenance you can be assured of continued operation when you need it most.

When your heater in Norristown PA malfunctions it will normally be one of three things; the heat source, the distribution system or the control. If the heater will not run at all the problem will normally be at the source, it may have lost power due to a blown fuse for example or fuel may not be getting to the heater or not igniting when it gets there if its oil or gas. If the heater turns on and fires but there are no heat coming from the vent then the problem is going to be the blower or the distribution system. If the system repeatedly turns on and off or it does not turn off at all the problem will no doubt be the thermostat.

Before you start investigating the cause, check the easy stuff first. Check to see that the fuse or circuit breaker has not tripped, there also may be a fuse on the heater itself that can be located and checked. A heater in Norristown PA often has its own separate power switch, see that it is turned on. Lower the thermostat and see if the unit kicks in, if it uses gas see that the gas supply is on and that the pilot light is burning and in the case of oil, check to make sure there is an adequate supply.

If the problem appears to be electrical, perhaps the circuit trips repeatedly whenever you engage the power, then don’t put any further effort in the heater in Norristown PA, call an electrician to solve the problem. If the unit is gas and you smell a gas odor do not attempt to shut the gas supply off and most certainly do not strike a flame anywhere in the house. Leave the house immediately, leaving the door open and call the gas company or your fire department and report the leak. Do not reenter the house until you have been given the all clear by the gas company technicians.

The source of heat is by far the most complex part of a heater in Norristown PA and problems in this area should be left to professionals. Dirt is a major enemy of any heating system, dirt can cause the waste of fuel and lower the unit’s efficiency drastically. Cleaning is important, you can clean the filters regularly but the general cleaning should be done during the annual inspection.

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