Heating Supply in Hackensack NJ – Choosing Suitable Pipes for Under Floor Heating

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Plumbing Repairs

If you are one of the millions of people benefiting from under floor heating in your home, you will know that it is important to maintain these pipes, just like any other pipe system in the home. Over time, your heating supply in Hackensack NJ may not be as efficient as it once was and this could be because it has corroded over time. When pipes corrode they will not only lose energy, resulting in higher heating bills but also, they will not transport heat as well throughout the flooring. To ensure that your heating supply in Hackensack NJ is working to the best of its ability, consider the following types of piping.


Ammonia Heat Pipes


These pipes are quite common for use with a heating supply in Hackensack NJ and they are made up of three different materials – aluminum, stainless steel and nickel. Aluminum is a good material because it is widely recyclable and very enduring. Stainless steel resists corrosion well and nickel can be adapted well to any kind of heating supply, making it very versatile. Ammonia heat pipes can be bent in many ways making them suitable for under floor heating pipes, which curve in all directions. Ammonia travels through the pipes and because the pipes can be installed vertically or horizontally, they can be used for under floor heating and upright heating systems.


Flat Heat Pipes


For under floor heating to work properly it needs to distribute heat over a large surface area. Flat heat pipes are able to do this very well because unlike traditional forms of piping for a heating supply in Hackensack NJ, the heat inside these pipes will never change, meaning that it will be easy to achieve a consistent temperature with these pipes. There is a wick structure inside this piping and this makes it easier for the liquid to travel throughout the entire system.


Flexible Heat Pipes


A brilliant choice for your heating supply in Hackensack NJ will be flexible heat pipes. These are easy to install under the ground in your property because they are not as rigid as standard pipes. Various working fluids are relied on with these fittings and you can choose between diode and constant temperature pipes, based on your requirements. Heat will move in every direction if you select the diode pipes, whereas constant temperature pipes focus on a particular area. If you opt for flexible heat pipes, you will experience minimal cooling problems and because a flexible bellow part is included, the pipe is much more durable and it will be easier to install.



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