Common Things Leading to Air Conditioning Repair Lubbock

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

An air conditioning unit can be expensive to replace and for most people it makes sense to repair rather than replace. However, if the air conditioning unit has been in place for 10 years or more then it is likely going to be inefficient. In such cases, replacing the air conditioner will reduce your energy bills, improve your comfort and have less impact on the environment. There are several things that can lead to the need for air conditioning repair as follows.

It’s amazing how many houses have only one return duct installed that is supposed to somehow gather all the air in the house back into the duct to be cooled. This inefficiency often leads to having some rooms in the home cool while others are still hot. If you are having this problem you need air conditioning repair provider to add some more return ducts in some of the other rooms in your home so that the air can flow better, cool the rooms evenly and therefore increase your comfort at home.

Another challenge that could lead to the need for repair is having the wrong filter installed. It is absolutely necessary to have the correct filter installed in your air conditioning system. If you are using some of those highly touted paper filters, chances are that your air flow is getting cut down which makes your AC system inefficient. To correct this problem, call an air conditioning repair Lubbock Company and let them install a good filter. One of the best is the six inch pleated kind that they will be fitted into a cabinet made just for it that the repair man can install. Not only will it filter the air making it cleaner, it will not clog your airflow.

Leaky ducts can also lead to air conditioning repair. This is actually considered one of the biggest causes of AC inefficiency. Unlike water pipes, we can’t see when air ducts are leaking air. This means that often we have inefficient systems without knowing it as cooled air is leaked into places where it may not be needed such as the attic, while the place where it is most needed gets short changed. Air conditioning repair Lubbock can insulate the joints of these leaky ducts ensuring the efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

The amount of refrigerant charge in the system is also another problem that can lead to inefficiency. Each AC system has been made in such a way that it is most efficient with a certain amount of refrigerant charge in it. If it has too much or too little it can lead to inefficiency. Air conditioning repair can be reduced if you stay on top of these common AC issues in your home.

There are certain challenges or problems with your AC system that can lead to Air Conditioning Repair. Most of these are preventable if you act now.

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