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Using Plumbers in Alexandria VA When A Pipe Bursts

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Plumbing

When freezing temperatures are present outdoors, there will be a need to protect pipes from unfortunate bursting. A homeowner may need to get a hold of one of the plumbers in Alexandria, VA if a pipe happens to brake due to cooler weather. Here are some steps one can take to protect their piping system from damage when temperatures drop.

Use Insulation To Protect Piping

Pipes that are exposed to cooler temperatures should be protected with a layer of insulation. Foam sleeves or insulation tape can be purchased from a hardware store or plumbing supply company for this type of use. If one notices temperatures are going to drop, and they do not have time to get to a store beforehand, pieces of newsprint or articles of clothing can be wrapped around exposed pipes to help keep the water inside from turning into ice.

Add Some Heat To Pipes Prone To Freezing

Inside a home, it is best to open up cabinet doors underneath sinks so the pipes behind them are not sealed off from heat. This will allow the pipes to remain at warmer temperatures, helping to keep them from freezing as a result. A space heater can be placed inside garages or crawlspaces to help warm the air in these areas so pipes are less likely to freeze.

Allow Faucets To Drip During Freezing Temperatures

When temperatures are expected to be below freezing, it is a good idea to allow faucets to drip. This will keep the water inside the pipes to remain flowing, keeping it from freezing. When doing this, it is best to use the cold water faucet rather than the hot water faucet so the water heater in the home does not run out of hot water.

If a homeowner has a mishap with their piping system, a call will need to be made to one of the plumbers in Alexandria, VA immediately. Contact Business Name to handle a pipe that had burst due to cooler weather. A call can be made to their business and someone will be dispatched to the home to do an evaluation.

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