Three Reasons to Call a Plumber in Torrance

by | Jan 13, 2015 | Plumbing

Though some plumbing jobs can be taken care of by homeowners, many require the professional services of a plumber in Torrance. Unless one is highly skilled in plumbing repairs, it is always best to leave these tasks to a plumber so the job is done correctly. There are certain issues that always require the skill of a plumber. By understanding what to look for in these issues, you will know when to call for help from a professional plumber.

•   When raw sewage is backing up into toilets, sinks, tubs and showers, a professional plumber in Torrance needs to be called right away. This is typically a sign of a main line blockage. The average homeowner does not have the skills or equipment to take care of a blockage of this magnitude. Hiring a plumber will ensure the main line is correctly cleared so your drainage system is working properly again.

•   Clogs are something many homeowners think they can handle on their own. Though a simple clogged toilet can be taken care of with a plunger, other types of clogs may need to be handled by the professionals. It is important the clog is completely removed so the integrity of the plumbing is not compromised, leading to damage in the home. Plumbers have all types of equipment for removing a variety of clogs.

•   If there are bad odors coming form the sinks, toilets and tubs or wet spots in the backyard, this could signal the septic tank needs pumping. This is a job only for a professional. Homeowners have no way to take care of this problem. A plumber can come out and pump out the tank, repair any issues or unclog the sewer line to ensure the septic tank is performing as it should.

If you are dealing with these or any other plumbing concerns, contact Drain Right Services. They have the expertise and the equipment to ensure your plumbing problems are properly cared for. Ignoring plumbing issues will only make them worse. Call today for your appointment so the plumbing experts can come out and assess your repair needs. You can also check their Facebook fanpage.

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