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by | Sep 18, 2012 | Plumbing Repairs

Basements are integral parts of many homes. They are often used for storage, but others are transformed into extra living or entertainment spaces. No matter how you choose to use your basement space, you should consider the possibility of flooding.

Basement flooding is common due to the room being completely underground. Excessive rain water penetrates the ground and there’s nowhere for it to go except into your basement foundation and walls and ultimately into your basement area. Basement flooding can cause many problems and may require expensive repairs. Before you use your basement, you should consider how you will control possible flooding in the space.

One of the easiest ways to help with basement flooding is by installing a sump pump. A sump pump is a device that’s installed in a hole in your basement floor. It’s equipped with an automatic trigger to turn it on in the event of a flood. When a sump pump runs, it drains the water from the basement to the outdoors to dry up your basement area. Some sump pumps are relatively inexpensive and can sometimes be installed on your own.

Other ways you may want to combat basement flooding is by installing battery backup systems, sewer backup systems, and seepage tile in your basement area. You should equip your basement with battery and sewer backup systems in the event of a power or sewer line failure. These are important because when a basement floods, it can sometimes knock out the use of these integral systems. Seepage tile is very important because it won’t absorb the flood water, but rather it will allow the water to seep through and into the ground where it belongs. All of these products can help sump pumps keep your basement area dry.

You should contact an experienced plumber to help design a plan to keep your basement dry. Flood damage can cost thousands of dollars; prevention is definitely the best way to go! Installing a sump pump can save you tens of thousands of dollars, and this device can work alongside other products to keep your basement protected from flood situations.

Basement flooding is a common occurrence in many homes. Basements are often used for storage or for extra living space. Regardless of the use of the basement, the room should be properly equipped to withstand possible flooding. By using backup systems, sump pumps, and seepage tile, you can ensure a dry basement is part of your family’s home.

Unfortunately, flooding is a common occurrence in many homes. There are many ways you can protect yourself against basement flooding. You should consider installing a sump pump to help drain excess water from your basement area.

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