Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia Help Homeowners Deal With and Prevent Sewer Backups

by | Dec 11, 2015 | Plumbing

People who live in a rural area near Philadelphia may have their own private sewage treatment system in the form of a septic tank and drain field. They rely on Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia for routine pumping and inspection, as well as for any repair work that needs to be done.

Private septic systems are susceptible to some of the same problems that afflict municipal residential systems. For instance, both can be negatively affected by tree roots that grow into clay or concrete pipes underground. The pipes tend to develop tiny cracks over time, and the tree roots seek out moisture and fertilizer inside the pipes. Roots in sewer pipes can cause backups into crawl spaces or basement drains. People whose homes sit on a concrete slab may have to deal with a backup in a toilet, or a bathtub or shower drain. All these episodes can be remarkably unpleasant, requiring the homeowner to tackle a big cleaning job with bleach or another disinfectant. Until the situation is resolved, they can’t use any drains or toilets in the home.

Septic Tank Services in Philadelphia can resolve this type of situation at its source by digging around the sewer pipe and locating the problem roots. They apply herbicide around the area to kill the ends of the roots while not harming the rest of the tree. They also use special equipment to clear roots out of the sewer line. That may involve a power snake that cuts the roots and allows them to be flushed away into the tank. Since these tiny tree roots consist of organic material, they gradually will break down in the tank and not cause any problems there.

The problem with tree roots must be resolved, or it eventually will cause sewer backups no matter how careful people in the house are about not flushing things like tampons, sanitary wipes and paper towels. A service such as My City Plumbing can do this work for an affordable price. If the lot has numerous trees and the problem appears to be a chronic one, the homeowner may want to have annual root-clearing maintenance done to avoid backups in the future.

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