Kill the Germs with a Portable Hand Washing Station

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Plumbing

Whether you are at a fancy event or watching the children play at their football or baseball game washing your hands, outside of using the bathroom, is just something you need to do sometimes. Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you needed to wash the stickiness off your hands, or wipe the chocolate stuck to your child’s face, there was a portable hand washing station available with warm water to take of your needs?  That thought inspired the creation of the mobile hand washing station. It is for all those times when you need soap and water, and hand sanitizer just won’t do the trick.

Soap and Water vs. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer was a great invention. When the first company decided to bottle it and make it travel sized, that revolutionized how people thought about germs and spreading them. Many people feel as though a little hand sanitizer is all you need and the germs have been 99.8% eradicated.  However, that is not one hundred percent accurate. Although, hand sanitizer is something great to have with you, nothing can beat soap and hot water when it comes to the elimination of germs on your hands and face. Being able to wash your hands before you eat that corny dog at the fair, or before you get that chicken you have been waiting all day for at the festival, is a comfort many people would want.  Hand sanitizer is great to use before you eat after you have already washed your hands, or when you just can’t get to a sink to wash up. But ultimately, people are looking to use hot water when washing cleaning their hands, and what better way to oblige them than with a portable hand washing station.

The Perfect Mate

Having a portable hand washing station should be mandatory everywhere its portable cousin, the portable toilet, is located. Portable toilets are some of the dirtiest places and surfaces people can touch, and they are everywhere. You may have spent your whole afternoon outdoors in a sweltering environment, and after using some portable toilets you feel dirtier coming out then you did going in. Many can appreciate the idea of a portable hand washing station being there once they emerge from the portable potty. The ability to wash your hands, regardless of where you are, will help the spread of germs and completes the process when you do have to use the restroom in public.

There have been many advances in the world of sanitation and making sure the public keeps their germs at bay. A portable hand washing station is a great way to serve the public at large. It is definitely a step up from just using hand sanitizer all day.

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