Homeowner Tools For A Plumber In Lakeland FL

by | May 24, 2013 | Plumbing

For approximately $200, you can purchase 90% of the tools that every homeowner should not be without. The remaining 10% of the tools usually requires expertise so unless you have experience, leave it to the professionals. Most of any household handyman project around the house depends on the right tool and it can become a do-it-yourself project. Buy each tool as you need them so that you can save on the costly expense.


A Plumber Lakeland FL would advise you that their jobs take up about half of the items that are required in a homeowners tool-belt. With plumbing problems, you may not be able to diagnose a problem without having the right tools. For most all plumbing problems for both diagnosing and fixing, pliers are required more than any other tool. Usually, two pliers are required, one for holding and the other for unscrewing. In a situation where the pliers may leave scratches on a visible surface, covering the teeth of the pliers in electrical teeth is recommended.


Next, a Plumber Lakeland FL will always carry a trusted wrench. A basic wrench is used in every project from a bathroom sink to a hard to reach area using the wrench with a telescoping shank. Wrenches and pliers are the first two and most important tools to have on hand.


The third tool for a plumbing homeowner tool-belt would be a compression sleeve puller. This tool is used for areas that are dependent on compression angle stops for functioning. First you start by shutting off the water and then using the pliers and wrenches to stabilize. After removing all parts, leave the brass sleeve and nut on the pipe. The compression sleeve puller then can remove the nut without damaging the pipe.


An assortment of pliers and adjustable wrenches along with screwdrivers, Allen Wrench set, hacksaw and plumber’s putty should round out the tools that are needed for most plumbing jobs in a home. Wrenches are best used with threaded pipes. Most faucets and shower heads require an Allen Wrench. A hacksaw is convenient will all the other tools can not break apart stripped equipment and plumber’s putty is comparable to glue although it is a waterproof sealant.




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