Finding Leaks: Plumbing in Lansdale PA

by | May 10, 2013 | Plumbing

Few things can be more annoying than having a plumbing leak, but not knowing where it is coming from. Although locating a leak can be difficult, it must be done as soon as possible to avoid water damage from leaking pipes. The difficulty in tracing a leak is dependent upon its type. For instance, a pipe under a sink is fairly obvious and easy to get to for repairs. An outside leak is much more complex due to its hidden nature.

If a puddle of water is noticed, all appliances and furniture need to be moved away. Dishwashers are one area where such a leak could occur, such as in the supply line. If you can’t find the leak’s source, cut off the water supply for every faucet and fixture that uses water. This includes ice makers, toilets, and washers. Look at the water meter for the home and determine its needle position, then make note. Leave the water off in the home for several hours. If the needle of the water meter has moved, then the problem is with the plumbing supply pipes.

One clear indication that water is leaking near area is the condition of the flooring around fixtures such as in the bathroom, kitchen, or the laundry. Flooring that is cracked, soft, and/or warped is getting moisture from somewhere. For homes with several stories, it is a good idea to look for signs in the ceilings and walls beneath upper floor bathrooms. Wallpapers that is peeling, and yellowish stains on walls, are signs that water is leaking in the pipes above. A plumber can confirm this information before any steps are taken to get to the pipes. In basements and crawl spaces, be sure to prevent some leaks by taking care that exposed pipes are insulated from freezing.

Leaks can cost very little to fix—sometimes just tightening a fastener will do. At other times, they can be quite expensive, especially if large pipes have cracked/ruptured, or if walls need to be removed in order to access pipes. In any case, hiring a Plumbing Lansdale PA service is a good idea.


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