Drain Cleaning in Birmingham AL: How to Solve Drain Problems

by | Jul 30, 2014 | Plumbing

No matter how well you take care of your drains to avoid clogs, chances are that at one time, you will have to deal with clogged or slow drains. Kitchen clogs are normally caused by food particles, grease or soap. Bathtub clogs are due to soap or hair while toilet clogs may be caused by items that cannot easily disintegrate well being flushed down the drainage. Whichever drainage you are dealing with, you should at least try to solve the problem by yourself before you call in a plumber. Some are just simple clogs but if they seem to be complicated, you should contact experts who do Drain Cleaning in Birmingham AL & to do what they do best. Below are some important tips you should try out before deciding whether you need a plumber or not.

The drains might just be running slow and not completely clogged. If this is the case with your tub or sink, pour hot boiling water in the drainage, and if the clog has been caused by grease or soap, it will definitely melt away. At times, when you pour a cup of baking soda, then vinegar followed by hot water, the clog dissolves and you will have a clean drain. Occasionally, pour hot water in the drains to unclog any clogs that might be forming.

For sinks and toilets, you can use a plunger. Note that there are sink plungers and toilet plungers. If you use a sink plunger in toilets, it will not work because while plunging, it will not hold air tight as required while unclogging a toilet.

Another alternative would be buying chemicals to unclog. When using chemicals, make sure you read the instructions carefully and protect yourself as required. Chemical drain cleaners are available in acidic and alkaline variants. Acidic ones are normally required to be used by licensed plumbers. It is therefore not advisable that you use them as they can be dangerous. Chemicals dissolve whatever is causing the clog.

If you have tried all the above, but the clog is still stubborn, you can call plumbing professionals who do Drain Cleaning in Birmingham AL. They have all the necessary machines and equipments needed to do the job. For more information, click plumbingprofessionals.net.

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