Don’t Take A Cold Shower, Get Water Heater Repair In Weatherford TX

by | Apr 17, 2017 | Plumbing Contractors

A water heat usually gives an owner some signs when it’s about to fail. It can make bubbling or gurgling sounds and the hot water may not be as warm as usual. When the user notices these things happening, they should call for water heater repair in Weatherford TX. Repairing a water heater may not require more than replacing a heating element. If the tank has a leak in the side wall that’s causing it to malfunction, it can sometimes be replaced. If a hot water tank is leaking on the bottom, it usually needs to be replaced.

Most homes have a traditional hot water heater. This type of water heater will operate 24 hours a day. The water in the tank is kept hot throughout the day with heating elements. Electric hot water heaters usually have two heating elements. One is near the bottom and the other is near the top. Gas water heaters have one burner which is located at the bottom of the tank. It’s important to flush sediment from a tank on a yearly basis to keep them working at peak performance. A buildup of sediment in the bottom of the tank can cause the heating element to fail and increases energy costs. It requires the energy and water to the tank being shut off and water being flushed through the tank to an open spigot at the bottom.

Water heater repair in Weatherford TX can replace heating elements when they burn out. The type of water entering a water doesn’t matter when it comes to repairs. Public water systems tend to have miners and other things that can ruin a water heater. Well water is often hard and creates a calcium build up on the elements and causes them to malfunction. The newest type of water heater on the market is a tankless one. A tankless heater only heats water when it’s needed instead of throughout the day and night. It’s a little bit more expensive to purchase but will save a user a lot of money in energy costs.

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