Common plumbing problems and how to fix them

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Plumbing

A building, whether it is a residence or a commercial unit haze a maze of pipes running through it, these pipes carry hot and cold water to the various fixtures throughout the building and carry away the waste to the sewer or septic system. Modern plumbing uses both PVC and copper pipes as the norm although for certain applications there are other materials used. The pressure pipes often terminate in a faucet which controls the flow of water on demand. Other water supply is automatically restored such as after a toilet flush. This water supply is managed by an automatic float valve that cuts it off when the tank has been replenished.

The most common problems with any plumbing in Martinez involve drips and minor leaks as well as clogs. Any of these minor annoyances can occur at any time but when they do occur they must be handled promptly as even the smallest amount of standing water can cause damage to floors and furniture. If the problem is left then not only will you have other problems, it may reach a point where you have to call in a very expensive emergency plumber.

A dripping tap may not seem like a big deal but you would be surprised at just how much water is lost every day. The cost of the drip will be doubly high if it is hot water as it must be heated with gas or electricity. If the drip is repaired right away it is quite simple, it takes no more than a washer, a screw driver and an adjustable wrench plus five minutes of your time.

A dripping faucet is one small problem; another is a leak from the base of the handles. In this case it will be a matter of replacing the O-Ring. Those pros that do plumbing in Martinez for a living recommend that a little petroleum jelly be applied to the O-Ring as it will lengthen its service life.

There is always the possibility of the toilet getting plugged, a very common occurrence. Of course this has to be rectified right away as the toilet is unusable until it is. Usually a plunger will dislodge the clog put if not, you may have to call a plumber in to snake the drain.

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