Charlotte Homeowners Should Recognize Signs Of Outdoor Plumbing Problems

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Plumbing

Homeowners hook up a garden hose to the sprinkler to water the lawn, or they jump in the pool without thinking about the plumbing. However, water damages from outdoor plumbing can be just as devastating as that from indoor plumbing. Plumbers near Charlotte NC want homeowners to recognize the signs of trouble before calling them.

Sprinkler Systems

Some sprinkler systems are underground. When they spring a leak, they’ll cause a puddle in the yard that you’ll have to dig up to fix. Calling a plumber will prevent further water damages. He’ll know how to repair the sprinkler problem.

Hose Bibs

You hook up a garden hose to an outside bib to wash the car, the dog, or to water the flowers. These are susceptible to changes in the weather year round. This can cause leaks and/or cracks that can damage the foundation and the basement. If homeowners notice a leak or crack, they should contact plumbers near Charlotte NC immediately before serious damage is done.

Swimming Pools

The kids are in another state with their grandparents, and you haven’t been swimming lately. However, water seeping around the pool indicates you have a problem. A pool’s plumbing is in the ground with pipes taking water out of the pool and pipes bringing water into it. This in combination with the pump going wonky on you will require a plumbing professional pronto.

Sewerage Blockages Or Leaks

Decreased water pressure, a foul odor, along with slow drainage in toilets, sinks, and tubs indicate a sewerage problem. Tree roots could have infiltrated the lines, or nearby construction could have knocked them out of place. Either way, a plumbing professional is necessary to find and fix the problem before it causes trouble indoors. If you see signs of these or other outdoor plumbing problems, contact Pay Less Plumbing, Inc.

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