Air Quality Services In Washington NJ Will Help You Breathe Easier

by | May 22, 2019 | Plumbing

The indoor air quality in a building is just as important as the outdoors. Indoor air quality has gotten worse in recent years due to buildings being sealed tight for energy efficiency. Allergens like mold, animal dander, and dust mites can result in occupants of a building feeling ill due to the lack of fresh air.

Heating and cooling require the use of a company who is experienced in air quality services in Washington NJ. A malfunctioning air conditioning unit can result in mold development in the ductwork of a building and cause excessive moisture and uncomfortable temperatures. The heating system can cause dangerous gas to be released into a home when it’s not properly maintained.

Saving Energy

With rising energy costs, the best way to save money is to have an energy-efficient heating or cooling unit installed in a home. Individuals who want to lessen the allergens in their home can benefit from a boiler system that provides the home with hot water as well as heat. A blower motor provides heat to a home consistently.

Boilers can be gas or oil-fired. A company who is experienced in Air Quality Services in Washington NJ can install large and small units. If an individual has a historic boiler, a heating and cooling company can service and maintain the unit.

Radiant Heating

For the ultimate in warmth and comfort during the winter, radiant heat means warm feet and the elimination of cold spots. Radiant heat also eliminates bulky baseboard heaters. This type of heating system can be installed in a concrete slab, between joists, or beneath a subfloor.

Experience Matters

Not every heating and plumbing company can provide service for boilers and quality air services. An individual needs to contact a company who has experience in plumbing and heating to install, service, and maintain a boiler system. Improper repair of a boiler system could result in devastating consequences.

If you’re interested in improving the air quality in your home, maintaining or repairing your boiler system, please visit us. Trained plumbers and heating technicians will be able to solve all of your plumbing and heating needs.

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