Leaky Pipes and Rusty Water? Call a Plumber for a Copper Repipe Job in Palm Desert, CA

by | Nov 7, 2013 | Plumbing

Homes built in the last century probably had iron pipes that were coated with zinc. These were called galvanized pipes. The zinc layer kept the iron from rusting. However, as the years go by the zinc wears away. That means that the iron is left exposed and it rusts. They can start leaking in areas which causes low water pressure and other problems such as mildew. The rust in the pipe can also make the water look bad and taste unpleasant. It usually leaking pipes that get the attention of homeowners. For budget reasons homeowners may decide they don’t want a Copper Repipe Palm Desert CA done immediately. Instead they may decide to only replace the portion of the pipe that is leaking. Plumbers don’t use galvanized pipes any more. They use copper pipes.

These are perfect for working in an older home, because they bend easily. Antique homes were built prior to indoor plumbing and many of their spaces require water pipes to bend a lot to move through them. After having to call the plumber several times because of leaking pipes and low water pressure, homeowners might decide that it’s time for a Copper Repipe Palm Desert CA. This means that all of the galvanized water pipes will be replaced with copper pipes. While a homeowner might be comfortable switching out a single iron pipe segment with a copper pipe, only trained plumbers should consider repiping an entire house.

The price of copper has increased dramatically in the past few years. Therefore the price of materials is quite high for the project. It’s also a time-consuming project for even the most experienced plumbing crew. It’s understandable that homeowners would want to ask for bids for a Copper Repipe Palm Desert CA job. They should make sure that everyone bidding on the project is an experienced licensed plumber. They should also verify that their liability and worker’s compensation insurance is current. If plumbing contractors haven’t passed exams or don’t carry the proper insurance, they can undercut those that do. If one of the contractor’s workers is injured or they break an expensive home appliance, the homeowner’s insurance will have to pay for it instead of the contractor’s. An experienced plumber that has done many Copper Repipe Palm Desert CA projects successfully will give the homeowner peace of mind as they work.

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