Different types of plumbing repair

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Plumbing

A plumbing in a typical home can malfunction in three ways:


1. It may be necessary to fix a leak
2. It may be necessary to repair or replace malfunctioning mechanical plumbing components
3. It may be necessary to clear a blocked drain


Leaks can appear anywhere in the system and they can be caused by a number of different events. Mechanical malfunctions normally happen in components which are needed to maintain the constant flow of water; these can be faulty valves or leaking faucets. Drain blockages can occur at the source such as under the sink or the toilet or they can occur in the main drain leading from the house to the sanitary sewer which runs down the street. It makes little difference to plumbers in Reigate what the problem is, they are fully aware of the solutions and the urgency.


A typical plumbing system consists of the pressurized supply side and the drainage side. The supply side delivers fresh water to every consumer in the system which includes sinks, baths, showers, toilets etc. The drainage side takes away waste water once it has been used along with any waste products. As the supply side is under pressure, the lines must be able to withstand the pressure with no leaks, including the various joints. Depending on the material the joints are secured either by soldering or chemical bonding. The drainage side is not pressurized and is usually made from cast iron sections or large diameter PVC pipe.


Leaks in the pressurized side are often caused by a pipe freezing. When the water in the pipe freezes the volume increases and the subsequent pressure can burst a pipe quite easily. A supply side leak will escape under pressure and unless the source is cut off quickly, a great deal of damage can ensue.


It is also important to get the plumbers in Reigate to attend quickly to a blocked drain on the drainage side of the system. Although there is no pressure in the system, it is the only way for waste to be removed from the home fixtures to the sewer and if it is blocked, the plumbing cannot be used. Repairing sewer pipes can actually be more difficult than repairing a pressure side pipe as they are buried and the problem can be difficult to locate.


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