Sights and Sounds of a Broken Pipe

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Plumbing

Pipes used in a plumbing system are often hidden and for a good reason. They are not the most attractive things to look at. However, when something goes wrong, it is very frustrating to locate the problem due to the fact all the pipes are behind walls and other obstacles. Here are things to look for and listen to tell if you have a broken pipe.

Sounds to Listen for

You may notice bubbling sounds when you flush the toilet or use a sink. This may be caused by extra air in the pipe. Air that cannot escape into the sewer lines will create a bubbling noise. This is a good indicator that there might be something wrong with a pipe. It may be broken and it should be inspected.

If you hear a whistling noise, urgent action should be taken. The whistling noise may be caused by a piece of pipe that is too small for the volume of water that needs to travel through it. When the water passes through, it can create a whistling noise. Increased water pressure under these conditions can cause a pipe to burst.

When pipes are loose, they can bump into one another. The result can be described as a clanking noise. If it is caused by loose washers or worn spots, loose pipes can cause tension and end up leading to holes and leaks. If you hear any of the noises described thus far, it is important to find a plumber in Fayetteville to have your pipes inspected.

Sights to Look for

If you notice a sinkhole or any soggy or wet areas that you cannot explain, there may be a break underground in the main pipes. This can be very dangerous to children and small animals. Contacting an experienced plumber is recommended.

When there are puddles forming anywhere around the property, but especially under sinks and or on floors, there may be a broken pipe. There may be puddles that are easy to see, but there may be others that aren’t so obvious like behind the walls or ceilings.

Recognizing and addressing plumbing problems quickly will be helpful when performing repairs. To keep your property safe and healthy for everyone, prevention to keep problems from happening or prevention to keep from getting worse is important. If you are looking for experienced professionals to help you, contact Hammond Services.

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