The Need for Air Conditioning in Orange County

by | May 23, 2019 | Plumbing

Sleeping in hot conditions is almost impossible for many people. If you work at a full time job, ensuring that you receive adequate rest is a must for productivity at the workplace. For those residing in Orange County Air Conditioning may be the second most important system in your house, behind the electrical system. Additionally, the old and young may become sick due to high temperatures. Heat stroke and dehydration are common illnesses that affect people in hot conditions.

While having a broken air conditioning system may not affect you much during the day if you work a day job, at night it may inhibit your ability to fall asleep. Studies have shown that the human body raises its internal temperature slightly while it is resting, causing many people to seek out air conditioning or a fan. The Nevada desert heat can make air conditioning in the night a necessity.

Also, a cool environment is medically necessary for vulnerable demographics of people. The elderly and small children should not be subjected to overly hot environments due to their lowered immune systems. Heat stroke is a dangerous condition that affects the body if the internal temperature reaches at least 104 degrees fahrenheit. Without medical intervention, heat stroke can damage internal organs within a few hours, such as the liver and even the brain. Maintaining and repairing an air conditioning system will prevent such dangers from endangering your family.

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